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Obtaining your Carbon Footprint or achieving carbon neutrality for your company, this is Carbono's commitment - Recognized by control services, banking organizations - Acclaimed by proactive companies in the fight against climate change.

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The carbon footprint of companies working for the climate

A corporate carbon footprint must be regulatory! This is why we apply the ADEME methodology in three points

The GHG assessment scope 1,2 and 3

The purpose of the carbon footprint methodology is to measure the complete footprint of the company.

Return of results

The objective of the carbon footprint methodology is to present the results by emission sector.

The reduction plan

The carbon footprint methodology allows us to offer you an adapted plan to reduce your GHG.


Carbono is the only platform that allows companies to achieve carbon neutrality.

The EU is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. However, there will be no neutrality without compensation. Carbon offsetting consists of financing an environmental project that allows the reduction or sequestration of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

A carbon footprint

Doing your carbon footprint allows you to measure your greenhouse gas emissions in a regulatory manner.


A reduction plan

This action plan will allow you to quantify your inevitable greenhouse gas emissions.


A carbon offsetting

It makes it possible to offset inevitable emissions by financing certified carbon offset projects.

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The most economical carbon footprint® on the market

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Our network

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They have chosen to join us in the fight against climate change

The Crédit Agricole

The Crédit Agricole is stronger today, thanks to its climate action.

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 Century 21 group

Century 21 group is stronger today, thanks to its climate action.

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Le marché de Rungis

Le marché de Rungis is stronger today, thanks to its climate action.

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Champagne Gremillet

Champagne Gremillet is stronger today, thanks to its climate action.

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Castel Frere group

Castel Frere group is stronger today, thanks to its climate action.

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French Tech label

French Tech label is stronger today, thanks to its climate action.

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Master your impact as you manage your finances with the leading solution on the market

Our mission is to make it possible for all companies to achieve a regulatory carbon footprint. This is why our price is and will remain the cheapest on the market.

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Companies engaged with us in the climate fight across the globe


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Our customers are our ambassadors.

It goes without saying it, but it’s better by saying it. Discover the testimonials of our customers who have chosen to trust us and who are committed to reducing their GES emissions with Carbono

“Climate change is obvious, an eco-citizen policy is a necessity. This is why we have committed with Carbono to low carbon action.”

Anne Gremillet

“We are aware that our activity has an impact on our planet. Quantifying and reducing it is an objective achieved thanks to the work carried out by the Carbono teams.”

Irvin Charpentier

“We decided to embark on a carbon footprint approach and Carbono's proposal seemed to us the most suitable. We can now situate ourselves in relation to our carbon emissions in our profession.”

Jérôme Corbon

“Oil mill very anchored in concepts such as short circuit, zero waste and organic, the logical next step was to measure our carbon emissions in order to reduce them. This process was made possible thanks to Carbono.”

Pierre Aubert
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