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Neural network assembly for predictive carbon balance models. Never has a carbon footprint been so smart and quick to set up.

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Powerful metrics to get to know you better

Our platform includes a system of collecting data and machine learning from several sources allowing us to learn more about your activity and your company.

Real-time data collect

Management interface

FUlly Encrypted



Committed companies across the globe


Margins on tons of carbon


Sectors of activity represented


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Carbono revolutionizes
carbon neutrality.

By using our unique innovative platform, you eliminate all time-consuming tasks such as data entry, processing or even the return of the carbon footprint.

Carbon neutrality

Carbon footprint, Carbon compensation, Carbon neutrality...

At the service of companies

Specially designed for and by professionals.

Dedicated support

A team of climate experts at your service.

8 years of experience

Our offer is the most successful on the market.

Carbono is the only platform that allows companies to achieve carbon neutrality.

For Carbono, no carbon neutrality without compensation. For us, neutrality in 3 steps is...

A carbon footprint

Doing your carbon footprint allows you to measure your greenhouse gas emissions in a regulatory manner.


A reduction plan

This action plan will allow you to quantify your inevitable greenhouse gas emissions.


A carbon offsetting

It makes it possible to offset inevitable emissions by financing certified carbon offset projects.

Our services

Our toolbox, at your service

We provide you with a library of applications simplifying and automating your low-carbon approach.

Carbon AI

Carbon AI

Neural network assembly for predictive carbon balance models. Simple and powerful.

Ocean Data


Secure and encrypted transactional data collection and storage platform.

Carbon HUB

Carbon HUB

Application integration component library. Compatible with most major solutions.

Carbon Market

Carbon Market

Our marketplace for certified offset projects around the world.

“The climate is changing. Adopting an eco-citizen policy is becoming a necessity. This is why we are committed with Carbono to low carbon action.”

Anne Gremillet

“We are aware that our activity has an impact on our planet. Quantifying and reducing it is an objective achieved thanks to the work carried out by the Carbono teams.”

Irvin Charpentier
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If everything is good for you, let's decarbonize.

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